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    Anticipate risks to protect your most precious asset: your reputation

    We help you anticipate, monitor and react to risks that can threaten your reputation and your business’s social license to operate

    • Identifying latent and emerging risks, minimizing the vulnerability of companies in a hyper-connected world.
    • Monitoring the performance of these risks, ensuring you are prepared to act if any of them materializes
    • Generating effective, global, swift and innovative responses that allow crises to be contained and assessed
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    What do we offer?


    The best investment is in preparation. It is important to be proactive and take actions that can minimize the probability of a risk becoming a crisis, boosting your response capacity and/or reducing the effects that a crisis may have on your business.


    Discovering the risks you face is not enough: with each potential risk, you must be able to decide what is being said, who is saying it and why, what is the response among the communities of stakeholders, and what the impact on your business could be.


    Decisions and actions must be precise, consistent and decisive. We have the experience you need to help resolve any crisis efficiently, and reduce the media and social pressure on your company, and protecting your reputation and future business.

    ¿Cómo se consigue?


    A great deal of work can be done before a crisis appears to speed up and strengthen organization’s response capacity and to minimize the effects of the crisis on the structure, business and social license to operate.


    Through active, professional listening to the influential communities that have an impact on your business we can detect risks of potentially great scope and establish adequate protocols to monitor and assess them on a continuous basis.


    We have the capacity, speed, innovation and an interdisciplinary team to help you prevent, manage and resolve any crises faced by your business. And we make your company/institution a stronger and more resilient organization to face new challenges in a hyper-vulnerable world.

    From the traditional crisis committee to the digital crisis committee

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    Our teams at Crisis are available in Latin-America, Spain and Portugal

    Luis Serrano

    +34 91 563 77 22

    Global and Spain

    Natalia Sara

    +34 91 563 77 22

    Spain: Madrid

    Eva Pedrol

    +34 932 172 217

    Spain: Barcelona

    Mariano Vila

    +54 11 5556 0700


    Andrea Lie Iwamizu

    +55 11 3060 3390


    Constanza Téllez

    +56 22 207 3200


    Nathalie Michelou

    +57 1 743 8000


    Juan Rivadeneira

    +593 2 256 5820


    Pilar Torres

    +52 55 5257 1084


    Margorieth Tejeira

    +507 206 5238


    Yennyfer Freyre Castro

    +51 1 222 9491


    Maria Eça

    +351 21 923 9700


    Iban Campo

    +1 809 616 1975

    Dominican Republic